Your daily actions, thoughts, habits and thinking are the reasons why you haven't been successful with dropping those unwanted pounds!

Want to learn the 5 minute actions to change your behaviors so you can set yourself up for success + start new healthy habits?

Get ready to break your habits and get your health back!

I've created the Health Habits Roadmap so that you can discover the solutions to your struggles. 

DISCOVER why waiting "till the time is right" to get on a nutrition plan or an exercise program will never happen

LEARN how to spot the behaviors that are preventing you from getting fit and healthy

MASTER the 5 minute actions so you don't look at yourself as a failure

LEARN what activities could you do less of so that you can work on eating better

Your daily actions


Your daily thoughts


Your daily habits


Your automatic thinking


are the reasons why you haven't been MORE successful with dropping those unwanted pounds.



The Health Habits Roadmap will help you to learn how to spot these behaviors and rewrite them.



You will discover what has been holding  you back in order to say yes to in getting healthier 

And right now, you can get it for only $22.


Then The Health Habits Roadmap Was Made For You!

Do you want to be less frustrated ?

Do you want to abolish your fears, be less agitated and not to be overwhelmed ?

You will be changing your mindset, breaking your habits, and get your health back on track.  


      Here's What You Get...

      The Health Habits Roadmap eBook and the accompanying worksheets can help you get out of a slump with your nutrition and your lack of regular exercise routine during the "new normal" of COVID-19.

      • Behavior Awareness, Planning, and Time Use Worksheets (10 pages)

        By doing these thought-provoking exercises, you will discover why are you struggling. You will begin to see the solutions to your struggles. You take the steps to begin to work on your struggles.  The worksheets will help you to recognize the patterns of behavior that need to change.  They help you to  track your progress, help gather data, and get you to think about all the information that you collected.  You will think about how things are going in your life, how your body is feeling, writing your needs, wants and your experiences with the things that you desire to change.  The worksheets also help you to determine fundamental nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle skills through daily practices. You take ownership of the process of your journey in getting fitter, healthier, and feeling better.

      • 7 Module Step-By-Step Guide (18 pages)

        Each module will take you step by step through a thought process that will help you to uncover specific behaviors, actions and thoughts that are affecting your chances of successfully working on your weight loss and fitness goals.  Some of the exercises in the worksheets will make you uncomfortable.  The modules will help you to work through those uncomfortable thoughts, actions, and behaviors.  You will move forward in a more positive direction.  Once you are able to maintain momentum for a period of time, motivation will follow.  You will learn how to break down your goals into much smaller more manageable goals. When you break down your goals into smaller tasks, you will know what worked and what didn't work. If something didn't work, that is not a failure. You will know to try something else. This is an opportunity to grow and move forward.

        When you do this, you are creating Your Health Habits Roadmap.


      This is Perfect for YOU if...


      • You look at yourself as a failure...

        when you can't seem to stay on an exercise plan consistently.

      • You wait till the time is right...

        to hit the gym.

      • You get overwhelmed...

        with meal planning. 

      • You get frustrated...

        often when you try a new diet or a new exercise routine.

      Everyone no matter how successful you perceive their level of health and fitness is, EVERYONE HAS DEALT WITH STRUGGLES to get where they are today.  This Roadmap is an opportunity to start the process of getting your health and fitness back on track. You will begin to see that it is possible to lose those unwanted pounds, to get your blood sugar under control, to begin to start to eat better, to start to get on a consistent exercise program, and much more.  

      Your behaviors, thoughts and habits are the last link in a very long chain that needs to be broken.  What happens hours before or days before is often the last link in the chain that needs to be broken.  

      Plus, You Will Get Some Video Bonuses

      BONUS # 1

      • Companion Videos that will help you gain some clarity when you are going through the worksheets.  These videos will help you to focus on your roadblocks.  You will gain a better perspective so you can utilize the worksheets to their fullest potential. 

        Get Started Today for Only $22

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